Needle Felt / Wet Felted Jellyfish

Katy Montica Art

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Jellyfish is a 100% handmade wet felted and needle felted item.

*For custom colours please contact me beforehand*

Size: Approx. 2.5 in x 6 in

Sold Individually

A half foam ball is covered with wool created using a wet felting technique. Then wool fibres are attached to the form using a barbed needle. The jellyfish is suspended from clear fishing line with a small clear plastic ring to attach to ceiling hook. Hanging multiple jellyfish at different 'depths' makes an eye-catching display.

Made to order - please allow up to one week for completion.
As each piece is an original it will differ slightly from the one pictured. Yours will have its own character.

Handle this product gently.
Not suitable for young children as the loose fibres may pose a choking hazard.